Frequently Asked Questions


This page features “NJ Senior Art Show” videos that explore some questions asked most often by artists participating in Senior Citizen Art Shows. There will also be occasional videos featuring practical art-related tips that artists might find helpful.

Is It Mixed Media? 

Artist Arlene Gale Milgram explores mixed media artwork, and talks about some traditional art combinations (like watercolor with pencil) that are not necessarily considered mixed media.

Sculpture or Craft? (part 1)

Artists often ask whether their 3-D work is considered a sculpture or a craft. Sculptor JC Sarpong, who comes from a family of fine art craftspeople, offers some perspective.

Professional or Non-Professional?

People entering their local Senior Citizen Art Shows often struggle with whether they should enter as a professional or not. Artist Robin Robinson discusses the guidelines with Tricia Fagan, director of the NJ Senior Citizen Art Show.

Sculpture or Craft? (part Quick Tip: Photographing Your Artwork (part 1)

 In 2020, the NJSCA exhibit moved online, and artists suddenly needed to photograph their own artwork. Photographer Sarita Wilson shares some quick DYI tips for taking photos that make your artwork shine.

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